Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – The Process of Internalization

Love is patient.  Love is kind.  Have you ever heard truer words?

I am one of those people.  I am one of those people that finds something they absolutely love, love, love, and repeats, repeats, repeats it again and again around in circles until I’ve driven everyone around me mad (in the case of music, at least) and then I continue until it cannot possibly be repeated into me one more time.  And then I let time pass and then I repeat the cycle again.  It’s a curious habit, but I know I’m not alone.

It’s happened time again, and I came to refer to the process as one of “internalization”, which incidentally enough, is a legit psychological concept (  For me, it means finding something I love so much that I want it to be a part of me.  Sometimes it’s difficult to conceptualize how any such thing could become a “part of me”, but when I go through this process, it seems to implant the idea behind the subject matter into the back of my mind for marination.  And lo and behold, sometimes years later, but lo and behold I’ve found time and again also, that these ideas which I have internalized through this process have become a part of me, my existence and who I am.

The process has most often occurred with music, the two songs that stick out most clearly in my mind being as follows:

1)  Ani Difranco’s “32 Flavors”, the whole idea behind the song really, but the phrase that really caught me was “I am a poster girl with no poster, I am 32 flavors and then some.”

2)  Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From the Storm”, in particular, “beauty walks on razor’s edge, someday I’ll make it mine.”

I believe this is part of the “process” by which I’ve come to cultivate beauty, one “method” if you will.  Sometimes my heart takes hold on ideas presented to me in this world through my open mind.  Though I may not know why at the time, I usually know which ones are important enough to not let go of until I do.

This happened just as of recent with a new song I heard (new to me), which is what prompted me to write this post in the first place.

3)  It’s this song called “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the whole song really, the music, ideas, everything, but in particular, his comment, “Kids are walkin’ round the hallway, plagued by pain in their heart.  A world so hateful, some would rather die than be who they are.  And a certificate on paper isn’t going to solve it all, but it’s a damn good place to start.”

8 thoughts on “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – The Process of Internalization

    • Thank you! The focus of the blog is still taking shape as I need to get on here and organize everything already posted and get a better system going. But I’m just trying to post quality material until I can get around to doing that here pretty soon. I appreciate that you would take the time to tell me that you like it though ;0) Gives me even more drive to keep chuggin on forward, one foot in front of the other!


  2. That is one of my favorites by Dylan – another is “Changing of the Guards” – when the LP (at that time) Street Legal came out, I listened to it 24/7 for about three months straight. Luckily my wife (my first of three) loved it just as much and didn’t complain ;)


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