ON DARKNESS – The Musing of Hope Lost

In light of stories, time and again, experience time and again, people running, I just don’t see how there is anyone on this earth that would want to be with me.  Family members stay perhaps out of an empathetic guilt, but otherwise too, I feel they might run.  Why wouldn’t they?  I am burden more than anything else.  I am a burden more than anything else.  All this good I try to be, all this good I want to be; it feels sometimes so worthless nonetheless.  I want to be so good so that somebody would want me, but really, maybe I should let go of my ego and accept that nobody will in the end.  At least in the significant sort of way.  I don’t know what to do without hope, but I can’t figure how I can hope in these circumstances.  When my experience has taught me nothing other, how can I hope in the face of dismal darkness?

6 thoughts on “ON DARKNESS – The Musing of Hope Lost

    • Ahh yes…I appreciate the reminder. I am new to this, and I am forever grateful for you and all else who are listening. Who care to listen. I appreciate. I shall show it. How I do forget these things so often. Thank you for the comment to remind me ;0) It always helps to remember the focus.

  1. I do hope that you will see the ray of sunshine, even through this dismal darkness. Even though it’s not easy to say “I understand” what you are going through, my prayers are with you, as a well-wisher. Please do keep your hope and faith strong. Thanks.


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