ON HOPES FALLEN – Cynicism vs. Bitterness

Observation from August 25, 2012 @ 31 Yrs

stand up darling

It was my observation on this particular above-mentioned date that cynicism is a symptom of the brokenhearted dreamer; whereas on the other hand, bitterness is merely the sign of a shallow heart deprived of what it wants.  Any thoughts?  I’m really not sure which is right or wrong or either if at all.  Just wondering…

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7 thoughts on “ON HOPES FALLEN – Cynicism vs. Bitterness

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  2. I do like your definitions. I think of cynicism is a thin veil, a masquerade, a self-imposed blindness, and rejection of the world (as it is) because cynics are afraid it would hurt or harm them, even before anything really happens. So it’s a symptom of broken hearted dreamer, who doesn’t want to re-experience it. If one continues on the path of cynicism, it does not lead one anywhere positive, and before one realizes the path of cynicism often merges or transforms into endless highway of bitterness. And yes. bitterness is surely a sign of a soul that is denied of desires, rights and privileges that are otherwise normally granted to others effortlessly. Just my two cents……

    • I like that “thin veil” line, about self-imposed misery almost. It’s almost like cynicism is a dreamer living in fear or something. Hmm…I’ll have to ponder that for awhile. And privilege, the way you described it, makes me think of these kids these days who feel so entitled to everything, and their resulting disappointment. I agree it leads to nowhere, but I don’t know, I still feel like there is something I am missing. Hah, maybe it’s just the answer how to get rid of it, but that would be practicing gratefulness I would say, which seems too simple to be what I am not seeing. See what I mean or am I talking in circles? Ohh in any case, back to work!!

  3. I think cynicism comes from life experience, from a shedding of idealism and a realization that we control so little of life. Bitterness, to me, has a component of comparison to others that cynicism lacks. “Why does she get to go to Italy and I don’t?” “Why are so many others published and I’m not?” “Why does she have a great job and I don’t?” “Why does she have a partner and I don’t?” Etc.

    I don’t think cynicism is particularly bad. It’s hard not to be cynical when our government is spying on us and so forth. But bitterness is deadly. It always stops us in our tracks, because when we are comparing ourselves to others, we are not moving forward. We don’t grow. We aren’t doing that thing we need to be doing to get ahead. We’re wasting time.

    • Interesting…you know (or well maybe you don’t hah…so let me tell you), I always have this burning concern in the back of my mind wondering, am I wasting time? Is this moving me closer to the person that I really want to be? Etc. So it’s interesting to me that you’d put it into terms, well, to put bitterness intoI to terms of wasting time. I think you’re right. If only now it were so simple to just not feel it. The mind’s such a tricky thing. Requires so much work sometimes, makes me wonder then what the hell “let it be” means all over again ;0). Thanks for the response!!

      • Andra, I like your response, and your thoughts on cynicism and bitterness. I had not seen it while writing mine (it was probably awaiting moderation and approval by kyrielleadelshine.) I agree with your view that bitterness is deadly, for it always stops us in our tracks. We stay with status quo, and not move forward. Very well expressed. Thanks.


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