ON REASONING – In all its Faculties

the right way

Back on August 15, 2012, a newly minted 30 year old, a specific quandary began to marinate itself in the back of my head.  Namely, is occurred to me that –

All reason is potentially faulty.  It is the combination of priority, conjecture and faith, by which decisions are ever definitively made.

And that was that.  That way my insight for that particular 30-some-dom day.

I will say this, a lot of times, I really do wonder whether other people my age think about the same types of things that I do.  I had an old boss once in law school who told me that this was the case, that I in fact spoke of concepts that most people my age wouldn’t be questioning for decades later.  Now, keep in mind, this is a guy that played the harmonica and sang Crosby, Stills and Nash for me on the way to the Courthouse, but all judgment aside, it was, to me, one of the greatest compliments I’d ever received in my then 25 years.

That being said, the question in my mind still remains, and any thoughts  you might have in any form whatsoever would not only be a delight to read, but also very much so appreciated.  And of course, along those same lines, any ideas, comments, questions, concerns, requests for additional information, anything, I’d be happy to share as well.  Just say the word (…or rather type it), and I’ll be here.

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3 thoughts on “ON REASONING – In all its Faculties

  1. When I was in my teens, I learned people will always act in their “perceived” best interests. The problem is no one can accurately predict what someone else will judge to be in their best interest. And no amount of logic or cajoling will convince someone of what their best interest “ought” to be – even when it seems an obvious choice to a third party.

    Reason is as faulty as the heart is fickle…

    • Ohh I hate to hear that (though for your sharing, of course, I am forever grateful ;0)

      Being a diehard idealist of the belief that this world could be so much a better place, I suppose even if only… I don’t know that I could die believing anything else is less than possible. Though I surely may die in the process of hoping and trying to help others to understand.

      It seems to me though, the answer to that would be to have an overall “enlightenment” i.e. opening of the minds. Not to say opening to anyone else’s particular point of view per se, but of the sort where someone could hear all sorts of viewpoints and say, do any of these actually make SENSE to me? I mean, does this REALLY make sense in light of all the other precepts that I already choose to believe in? (“Choose”, I suppose being a loaded word in and of itself as well though.)

      I could be wrong, but I think it was Buddha that said “don’t believe in ANYTHING, not even if I have said it, if it does not make sense with the things you already believe in.” Except far more eloquently put of course ;0)

      I don’t know what in the world would do that, except perhaps tragedy, which seems the only time when people, at least in America, seem to truly come together on a large scale to help people. Then it seems they just revert back and it really does make me wonder, what would it take for a “fickle” heart to break out of its shell to realize, that if they want more good in their lives, they have to give it to attract it back.

      But ahh yes then, “good”, I suppose is even of questionable interpretation (though I’m not so sure deep down in every human soul that it actually is). And in any case, that’s probably idealism at its very heart, not to mention an own personal autonomous stand.

      But I do still wonder, is there not anything at all? Anything at all that would somehow, someway be capable to do the “trick”. Sigh. I just don’t know.

      • Hope is always the answer! Certainty, like security is an illusion.

        You should check out one of the poems on my Poems page: http://kmabarrett.wordpress.com/poems/in-broken-images/

        “Caring” is nothing, without action. Action lacks meaning, without caring. That is not to say “action” can not benefit those receiving the assistance, it is good to feed the hungry whether you care about the hungry or not. But just imagine how much “better” it is to help the hungry get access (farming or jobs or whatever) to a long term supply of food.

        Reason is faulty because we can never know all of the facts to make the “right” choice. The heart is fickle because we cannot force ourselves to love someone, even if they may be “better” for us than the other someone we do love.

        By the way, I’ve heard that Buddha saying before and it always makes me think he would have been one heck of a good scientist.


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