IN THE WORDS OF BJORK – I Sense That Something Important is About to Happen

*NOTE – Much thanks again to Deo and the nomination for my newest blogger award.  I don’t know yet how to post them in my own blog, but if you take a look here at his, you can see to what I refer:  

Note No.2 – It’s called “The Most Creative Blogger Award” and the objective for each nominee is to “provide their own perspective on their creativity and source(s) of inspiration.”  I would have to say of these two things, while encouraged by a few very special people in my life, I would have to say that still, these two things came both from within.  A gift from god.  In the words of (to me) the  great philosopher and rapper (or whichever other label you’d prefer to subscribe), Talib Kweli says:  “It’s like something come through me that truly just consume me; speaking of the voices of the spirits speaking to me.”

Now this takes on a whole sort of innocuous (or not) meaning, coming from a bipolar, but in any case, without further ado, please see my somewhat applicable:

Reflection from May 9, 2008 @ 26 Yrs. 


Well, in the words of Bjork, I sense that something important is about to happen.  I don’t know what and I don’t know when, it could be tomorrow or next week or in six years time.  But I sense in my bones and I can feel throughout all of my body this life-changing event is brewing in the mix.  My life is just brewing in the mix.

On another note, I’m astounded at the lack of support I had going into the law school application process.  I almost think everyone around me had no idea I’d be able to pull the stunt off, let alone attend and graduate, except maybe myself and my mother.  Bunch of sillies!  Look how you shine with white light of malnourishment!  I was the flighty space-cadet then, as I am now, as I will always forevermore be, but not without substance.

I can fly to heights that lay unknown for the eternity of time to normal folk, I can dream to the depths of the ocean and back without tire, I am, and I will always be, my greatest accomplishment.  Thank god I had my mother and my crazy self to believe in me.  I do wonder how the dice will fall when it comes to this book.  I can hear the disbelief in Stella’s voice; I can see it in her troubled expressions.  But then I listen to Gabriella and she wouldn’t think twice about it.  And I too, won’t think twice about it.  I shall do without thought.  My thought will abide and purvey my view.

When all others disbelieve, it’s most important that I believe in myself.  Most people walk the paths they’re supposed to take, the paths already carved out for them.  I walk my path, on my own two bare feet, and I rummage around in the forest and take long delays off into the poppy field, I flight around with the birds and wallow in mud with the frogs.  I am my own person.  I have a purpose.  I can help other people, and by writing is how.




16 thoughts on “IN THE WORDS OF BJORK – I Sense That Something Important is About to Happen

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    • Hi Deo,

      Thank you so much for not only reading my writing, but also understanding its perspective and your desire to share it also with others. I hate to say “I appreciate it” because what you do means much more to me. I guess that will have to do for now ;0P I will find the words though ;0)

      • You are most welcome. I do hope that you will be effective and successful in your earnest efforts to reach out to the rest of the world, and communicate the emotions/feelings/challenges and the swings therein that Kyrielleadenshine encounters every minute (not just once a month or a year basis but at many a fold greater frequency). Thanks for your note and understanding. It means a lot to me – surely a lot more than words can ever express. Have a nice day!

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  3. Wow! This is an amazing post. Especially the last paragraph is so powerful, it’s a great inspirational quotation – and most definitely, re-emphasizing that your source of creativity is indeed from within. It is, IMHO, the divine gift. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day!


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