Award Appreciation No.1 – Part 1

Much thanks to  for nominating me on May 21, 2013 at:

for the three above-listed blogging awards.  I was very honored to be nominated, as I had just rekindled my blog from two or three prior failed attempts, to find an idea that would work for my material.  So I still wasn’t really sure what the “blogosphere” was for and/or how it worked until I gave it this one last shot in May.  I still have ohh so much to learn, but what I have learned thus far is this…

That blogging removes the discriminations that all human beings face for being different, and allows them to come together in a beautiful forum filled with beautiful ideas.  Now, granted, I’ve always had an affinity for ideas generally, and perhaps also I just haven’t found the “dark side” of the blogosphere yet.  But of what I have found thus far, I have loved.  Mostly validation of my humanity, acceptance of my differences, tolerability for free thought, and above all, just plain love.  Thanks to each of you who may ever find yourself reading this; thanks for playing your part within it.

Alright, to the ten burning questions required of acceptance of these awards:

1.  My favorite blogger to-date is myself, I know this sounds so self-centered, but if you listen the reason’s not so bad – I just for so long had such a fear of sharing my writing with others and to have overcome that fear has made me feel very proud of myself and what I create.  Well, that, and I haven’t yet had a chance to extensively get into reading any other particular blogs yet; just pieces and parts of them, so I will have to report back on this one.

2.  Macklemore says about those who are different, “kids are walkin’ round the hallway plagued by pain in their heart, a world so hateful some would rather die than be who they are.”  (Same Love)  I was one of those kids.  I was lucky that I made it through.  Many are not.  We need to save these kids, and I hope that in writing I am able to do my part.

3.  My most favorite hobby is writing, hands down.  Always has been, hope it always will be.  It is my passion and  my greatest love.

4.  With regard to my favorite desert, I assume we’re talking chocolate and ice cream stuff, not dry terrace land.  I can’t tell you a goddamned thing about dry terraced land (like, literally nothing, except maybe if you have it, there may be mountains somewhere far off in the distance).  So anyways, as for my favorite desert, that’s a hard one, but I’d have to say my mama’s homemade strawberry shortcake.  I mean she makes the biscuits from all fresh ingredients and gets fresh strawberries that I think she puts in a sugary mix, and then makes homemade fresh whipped cream from real cream with powdered sugar and just the whole nine yards.  It’s just fabulous.  It’s my birthday request every year.  Next up though for sure would be peach pie.  Except now I really feel stupid though, because Wikipedia tells me that “desert” with only one “s” means very dry landscape blah blah blah.  I have massive student loans, haven’t been able to travel a lot, so you’ll just have to accept my strawberry shortcake answer and we’ll move this thing here along ;0)

5.  About my “most favorite movie”, that’s a hard one to say.  But I will tell you this…I got a tattoo on my back once in black script that says “la vita e bella”, or “life is beautiful” in Italian.  Then, later, I found out there was a movie that had been made about seven years prior (in subtitles) by the same exact name.  I watched it.  I can’t tell you what it meant to me.  I won’t even try to put it into words, it’s not worth the effort, they’ll never justify its beauty – just see here… or here…  Or really if you care at all, just watch it.  And be prepared to cry.  My feelings about movies change over time, but I don’t know, this one…may stand the test.

Alright…my puppy is begging me to play with him and this is taking much longer than I thought!  So…to be continued!!

3 thoughts on “Award Appreciation No.1 – Part 1

  1. kyrielleadelshine, thanks a lot for accepting your well deserved awards. You have brought a new light and a new perspective to blogosphere with your amazingly high quality thoughts and writing, which IMHO removed the darkness of ignorance (the reason for Sunshine Award in particular). I do hope that you will continue to receive the love at all times, and never get to see the ‘dark side” of blogosphere (if there is one). Congrats, and God bless you.


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