UPON US ALL, A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL – Ain’ No Truth ‘Er Reign More True (Thank you, Led Zeppelin)


I had a dream the other night, which is strange because I hardly ever dream at night as it were, and yet lately it’s just been one nightmare after the next as a side effect of this new medication I am now no longer taking.  But anyways, I had a dream and dreamt about a girl who had a mentor and the girl had a dream and it was an idea.

And the girl kept getting frustrated even though she had the whole idea all mapped out in her mind, because the project seemed so very infinite and she did not know if she had the stamina within herself to maintain for such a very long ride.  The mere thought of such endurance was just so ever slightly less than completely unbearable; like standing at that very foothill of the largest mountain ever.

But this girl’s mentor, much like Dr. Doisneau, mostly in the feel of the sense of her words, kept saying – keep going, keep moving forward and just keep going until you find yourself at the end on the other side.  Do not question whether it is good or not, do not fear whether others will like it or not, do not worry whether it makes sense or flows or whether or if or when you will find an ending to the story.  Fear not even whether you will finish, you will.  You just keep going and you will.  And then it will be done.  And then, she said the whole next phase will begin, but this, this is the best part.  This is the creationThis is the birth of an idea.  Of a theory.

So, while I realize that this or any of my writing really may sound perhaps somewhat peculiar to you, I also don’t much mind anymore, for if you saw the things that I can see you’d be intrigued as all hell too.

But then, as to what it is, to what the nature of this feeling entails, I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, nor a dream really either.  More than anything, it feels a call to arms.

My theory.  My idea.  I will breathe into it life and bring it into being, as it is my calling, my burden alone to bear.

4 thoughts on “UPON US ALL, A LITTLE RAIN MUST FALL – Ain’ No Truth ‘Er Reign More True (Thank you, Led Zeppelin)

  1. Kyrielle, I recall the best quote by Henry David Thoreau, who said “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” Hold fast and strong to your dreams, as we all must, for some day those dreams will become reality. We must continue to breath life into those dreams, our creations, until that special moment. I like your term “a call to arms”. Just as an alert soldier, we ought to respond positively to that clarion call. Cheer up, Soldier, and be strong. You have your dreams calling for your attention and tender loving care that only you can and will offer. Ciao. ;0)


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