MY DAD’S ON FURLOUGH – Can Somebody Please Explain to Me Why There’s No Peanut Butter in the Fridge?

My dad’s on furlough, like many thousands, I don’t know, millions maybe of other federal government employees.  Middle-class employees.  So I’m just curious as to whether anyone has any thoughts as to why this has happened.

I mean, to be bluntly honest, I feel that we have no food in the refrigerator such that some upper-class person can take a couple more rounds in their Yacht or buy that Porsche they’ve been wanting or that $20,000 David Yurman necklace they’ve been wanting for so long or whatever.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know a lot about it.  I mean, like, almost nothing.  So please feel free to inform my ignorance, I will listen, I promise.  But all I can see from these two eyes is a refrigerator that is empty for four days until the paycheck come in on Friday.  It frustrates me.  I just I wish I could understand it.

I wish there was some good reason for the overall human race for this furlough.  I want to know that so that it will make me feel better.  But I just don’t know that such reason exists.  I don’t know.  Thoughts…anyone?

12 thoughts on “MY DAD’S ON FURLOUGH – Can Somebody Please Explain to Me Why There’s No Peanut Butter in the Fridge?

    • OMG! 5 YEARS!!! That’s craziness! It’s just s shame to see all this tension and game playing going on in Washington. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know all I “should” (or rather, could) about all of it, but then again, some of the stuff seems pretty simple. They’re just playing games and they’re all about money. Makes me sick when it affects people who need the money and helps out the wealthy who do not. What can you do though? Vote, I guess. Ahh well. Thanks for the comment ;0)

  1. The short answer to why there is no food in the pantry is because your father is too lazy to work hard enough to earn the money to buy the food and too spendthrift to save some of his earnings for the “rainy” days. In conservative language this is know as personal freedom. Your family makes their choices with each purchase and must live with the consequences (suffer the results). Oh, yeah, I almost forgot… God favors the good, so if you are not favored, you must not be “good” in God’s eyes.

    The medium length answer is because we have black man in the White House and this must never happen again. Positions of power must always be reserved for the elite (“born rich”, see favored by God above), and can never be allowed to fall into the hands of someone who has worked his way up on merit – let alone someone who is also a minority.

    The long answer is: the main pitchman for the party representing the elite stated 40 yrs ago: “Government isn’t the solution; government is the problem.” Ever since then, that party has been trying to destroy government here in the United States. Don’t kid yourself into believing its states rights versus federal rights. Cities, States and the Federal government are all under attack. The object is to reduce government to the size where it can be drowned in the proverbial bath tub.

    Please recall that a hundred years before that, the main pitchman for the Republican party defined our government as “of the people, by the people and for the people.” So, the modern elite party is seeking to end the United States as we know it.

    During the early 2000’s, the President and the Congress authorized two wars without raising taxes to pay for them. This is the first time (to my knowledge) in recorded history a government has failed to raise the funds (“taxes”) for a war it is engaged in.

    As a matter of fact, both wars were carried “off budget” in order to actively shield their costs from the American public. We knew generally, but not specifically, AND there was no attempt to pay for the off budget items.

    The result of this has been a massive increase in the federal debt and in the interest on that debt.

    When the Republicans lost the White House (and Congress) in the 2008 election, the goal was simple – to make sure the new President (remember the black guy mentioned above) is a failure and a one term President. All of a sudden, the debt is out of control and the only way to reign it in is with massive cuts to federal programs. Oh, but not all federal programs… The ONLY legitimate role for a government is the national defense. EVERYTHING else borders on communism and creeping socialism (the bogey man before terrorism). Therefore, they would not agree to a budget or a debt ceiling increase without massive cuts in non-defense programs. And certainly no increase in taxes.

    Foolishly, the party which represents the “very close to elite down to the poor” (the Democrats), thought they could create a deal with the devil and offered arbitrary across the board cuts to both civilian and defense programs if the Republicans would agree to a budget continuation and a raising of the debt ceiling with the kicker that because both sides knew the arbitrary cuts (the sequestration) would hurt both sides, neither side would allow the sequestration to kick in. In the mean time, both sides would agree to a plan to work out a plan to prevent this from happening again in the future.

    Now when I say foolishly, I mean stupidly, because if your real goal is the destruction of the government, you don’t really care about the defense of the country. The Republicans failed to negotiate in good faith. There was no plan to work out a plan and sequestration kicked in.

    Now because we do have a “fairly” efficient government, the executives have “managed” to make the transition an incline instead of a cliff. We haven’t destroyed our government and country, we’ve only managed to weaken it. Primarily this has been done by eliminating training and travel for government employees and by failing to replace staff which have retired or otherwise left government service.

    Not every agency was able to meet their mandatory / “arbitrary” cuts by these means alone, hence furloughs. The next question is why now and then how many?

    That’s complicated… Each agency will have their own ways of trying to meet the budget cuts without furloughs, but because the fiscal year runs from Oct 1, to Sept 30, the cuts have to be made as soon as possible in order to have some staff still present during Aug/Sept. If you had a whole year to plan and you knew everyone had to take 20 days off, you could schedule the time to one day every other week for 10 months. But, when you’ve left it until the last three months of the year, now you have to absorb 4 weeks in three months!!

    FYI – there are approximately 5-6 million federal employees; 4-5 full time and the rest part-time. About half of that, 2.5 million are military not subject to furlough. There is also an “unknown” number of contracted civilian workers (not actually federal employees – like Edward Snowden) who are subject to having their company’s contracts cut and they are effectively furloughed too. When I say unknown, I mean literally unknown. No one in or out of the government knows how many people are employed as contracted workers. (Yes, I was amazed to learn this too!)

    So, the bottom line is, if you agree to give up Social Security and Medicare, minimum wage, 40 hour work weeks, paid vacations, environmental protection, health and safety for food and in the work place, oh, yeah, and the right to vote… then you can have peanut butter back in your fridge.

    Or you can start organizing everyone you know to vote every single Republican out of office in 2014.

    I apologize for my lengthy response, but you did ask for it.

    • I did ;0) And I appreciate it too. It blew the lid off. I gots some thinkin’ to do. (Plus, you’re lucky I’m so liberal…otherwise what a spark THAT would have ignited!!).

      Thank you for giving me so much to think about. I really do appreciate it. Like I’m always saying, so so very much to learn ;0) Wouldn’t say that’s the worst habit to have in the end though.

      • By the way, I too am a federal employee, so I have a somewhat biased view of recent history. I also have a dual major in political science and international relations so I am able to speak with a little bit of expertise.

        I too worried about being furloughed for most of this year. Fortunately, the agency I work at will manage through this year. I have my fingers crossed, but I do not expect I will be so lucky in the next fiscal year or the third year if it comes to that. …So I can still empathize with your father on many levels.

        As a father, my great fear is that I may not be able to provide food for my family. Fortunately, so far, it has never come to that for us (me).

  2. Kyrielle, I am very sorry to hear about your Dad being on furlough. I hope it will end soon. You have surely asked a real difficult question in this post, the answer to which is sought by many yet to no avail. Maybe some day….


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