I’M CONCERNED ABOUT OUR WORLD HERE PEOPLE – The Reasons Why We Are Bringing Children Into It

**WARNING – Please note that this was written during a state of depression and does not necessarily reflect how I feel today, except possibly of course, the grains of truth that spring forth here and there.**

Reflection from February 10, 2008 @ 26 Years Old


I was thinking the other day about high school, remembering how I used to dread going in on Monday and Fridays because everyone would be all, “what are you going to do this weekend”, and “what did you do last weekend?”  I remember how ashamed I was, how hard it was to hide that I didn’t have any friends and stayed home every Friday and Saturday night.

How can you explain to other teenagers that being around other people is far more painful than being alone?  And I’ll tell you, everyone knows the agony of living alone in this life; can you imagine that living alone actually felt better than interacting with peers and potential friends of my own age?  How does a teenager explain such a thing to herself?

Which led me to think, how in the world can you explain to a child why other children get to have new clothes and go on vacations and do fun things while other children are not so lucky.  I think it’s telling that adults have constantly to lie to children in order to protect them from the very world they brought them into.

Some people think it’s a selfish act, to not want to have children, but if we’re judging – who’s to say it’s not more selfish to make carbon copies, when you could help out a child who’s already been born into this hell on earth without a soul who actually cares for them?

How in the world do you explain to a child that some kids have parents who love them, and others have parents who beat them and molest them and degrade them?  I don’t understand how ever people choose to bring children into this world.  Except that I can, and I’m sure in most instances (except of course rape, and the like) it’s only the temporary euphoria of love that in fact, does make this world go round.

Well maybe not round, but I’m sure love is primarily responsible for repopulation of human beings on this earth.  It’s such a shame that this love that brings children into this otherwise unbearable life of suffering, is primarily what a person spends their entire life suffering in search for.

9 thoughts on “I’M CONCERNED ABOUT OUR WORLD HERE PEOPLE – The Reasons Why We Are Bringing Children Into It

  1. Agreed it is a crazy place. But it is also beautiful. I understand the need to protect our children but the truth is we cannot protect them from everything we would like to. But what we CAN do is love them and keep on loving them.

    • I agree. I do think though, some situations perhaps may be more dire than others. But I am not all knowing or all seeing, so I could not really say.

      Just makes me worry for some of these kids in the world, and not just in the U.S. I mean, I don’t really know where else specifically besides the U.S. per se, but I am sure there are too many more than here alone.

      That all said, just to reiterate, that’s an example of a pretty depressed side of the bipolar disorder. That perhaps could be the cause for concern to the extremity to which I seem to have gone in this piece. But as it all goes, at least for now, your guess may be as good as mine ;0)

      • I understand depression pretty well – have suffered from more than my fair share of it over the years.
        Your post didn’t really strike me as that depressed or extreme to be honest.
        My response was driven from my own experiences – in particular, with my own kids, I have realised that loving them now in whatever way I can is going to be more beneficial that worrying about their futures. And ultimately it will help their futures anyway.

  2. I believe we all have the chance to overcome.

    Don’t even get me started with living/being in a dark place. I’ve been there for most of my life.

    But, I got out of that dark place. I am still working on staying away from it and it’s really, really hard, but I’m doing good. Proof there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Plus, I am First Nations. That comes with it’s own set of darkness and troubles.

    Yes, the good can be hard to find, but if you try to steer toward it, believe me, it’s a lot easier.

    • I’m not sure what First Nations is, but I’m glad you are in a good place now. But I think we’re on the same page in the sense that if you look for good, it will eventually find you. I would have to agree. It’s tricky though sometimes, no doubt about that. Sometimes it’s just hard to even know where to start looking.

  3. Hmmm….

    I have a child. He was brought into the world with love. I want him to have a good life.
    I don’t lie to him about anything. I tell him every day how lucky he is to have the things he has. If he asks me why others don’t, I tell him the (likely) reasons why. I don’t believe in lying to my kid.

    I don’t judge people who don’t want kids. But I don’t expect to be judged or called selfish wanting them. My child was a total surprise, but I wanted him from the moment I knew he was inside my belly.,

    The world is a crazy place, but it is still beautiful. It’s not all bad.

    • Well I commend you for being as honest as you can possibly, gently be with your babe, and for being a good parent in not lying and teaching gratefulness. I wish we could say the same for so many others, but you are right, the world is not all bad. In fact, I believe everything in this world does possess good and evil (or “bad”, whichever you want to call it).

      I guess I was hoping with the warning at the top, that this was written while I was in a depressive state and as such, more on the negative side of the spectrum. Much of my life having been spent in that state, I have been searching for that good high and low to justify meaning and the will to continue living. I know in my heart that so much good too, is out there. Sometimes is just seems so difficult to find.

      Even in the worst of beings, I believe there is some good. It’s just that I believe some are born into this world from so far behind, that they don’t even hardly get a fair chance to overcome, which does not sit well with me.

      Thank you for your comment ;0)


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