LESSON NO.1 ON BECOMING A WRITER – Not Everyone is Going to Love Everything that You Write (so get used to it)


Well, I hate to post more than one time in one day because I’ve read somewhere nobody wants to “hear from you” more than once a day.  Tough luck I guess.

I will make it brief though, I just wanted to start a new little series “on writing” about lessons learned along the way to becoming a real live writer (which I will be, one of these days ;0)

So, this is I think the most important LESSON NO.1 – you have to accept that not everybody is going to like your work, and even then, not everybody that likes some of your work will like all of it necessarily.  It just seems to be one of those things, you just gotta toughen up to.

And I think about it and say for instance, with my love of Eminem ;0)  I really actually quite dislike the majority of his music (although in all fairness, I have not given it all a fair chance at a real good listen – so do keep that in mind).  But the music that I do love of his, the songs that I listen to on repeat over and over again, I love them so much I want them to become a part of me, a part of who I am (i.e. Sing for the Moment, Till I Collapse, 25 to Life, Beautiful of course, Where I’m At and Lose Yourself just to name the six off my iTunes top 25 songs playlist).

I used to hate Eminem actually, until I gave him a chance, and then I found some needles in the haystack, wait…no, no…some gems in the rough (yes, that’s the one I meant), and now I keep coming back hoping to find more of those gems once again.  Mosh, for instance, is one I just recently discovered.

So anyways, this is really just a testament to open-mindedness, but also, a lesson I’ve found, on becoming a writer, which is my dream.

And then lastly I promised this would be short and sweet, so for now, I bid you adieu ;0)

24 thoughts on “LESSON NO.1 ON BECOMING A WRITER – Not Everyone is Going to Love Everything that You Write (so get used to it)

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  14. Kyrielle, imho not being “liked” should not be the taken too seriously, unless someone explicitly says so…..and arguably even then one mustn’t get de-motivated, as it’s the part and parcel of the process.

    I have a post with my favorite quotes on Inner Beauty (with your quotes) which is well-appreciated and very well read (based on traffic) but not so much “liked” (based on only a few “like”s), It does not change my views about that post, because I write from my heart, for my own happiness….being “like”d can be good but not a must.


    Interestingly I note that even you have not “like” d this post yet, and I do hope it doesn’t mean you didn’t like it. ;0)

    Make a great day!

    • You know, sometimes my iPhone app won’t let me “like” things though it will let me leave comments (as the one I did so leave …all was not lost ;0)

      I hear what you’re saying, I just meant I think, that you have to be okay with some people not liking your work, or even just not all of it, so that it does not discourage you from quitting altogether.

      Which I think is actually what you’re saying too, but you know, it’s hard to put yourself out there, and really REALLY hard to put your REAL self out there, good and ugly and all.

      But I think overall, miscommunication here. When I said like, I didn’t mean WordPress “like” so much as being always well received by others. Just cause some won’t take a liking doesn’t mean they are the whole world’s say. That’s all I meant.

      Mostly I appreciate your comment for the constructive criticism. I think I can practice on presenting my ideas more clearly. So thank you for that. You have a good one too!

  15. You’re already a writer, just maybe not published yet.

    To those who don’t like you’re writing? Meh, they just don’t get it ;)


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