ON BECOMING A WRITER: Lesson No.2 – Finding Your Voice Ain’t So Easy to Do


It’s funny you know, I mean your voice is your voice right?  The thoughts in your head and all.  But sometimes I think we have these breaks in our beings where we become fractured, and are one person in some situations, another in other situations, etc.  So when you have a blog, it seems to me, that it becomes more important than ever to integrate all these personas into one, the one that you really actually are.  And that’s hard to do.

People have told me on more than one occasion (and don’t take this the wrong way because they show you with and without makeup pics in mags all the time and the guys always pick the pic with the “more natural” look to whichever lady it may belong, but anyways…), I have been told that I am at my most beautiful when I don’t try.  That feels very complimentary, but also really kind of irritating and frustrating at the same time!  But in any case, I kind of feel like my writing is the same way.  And I wonder if anyone else feels that way too.

When I am thinking about what I’m writing and not just allowing the words to spill forth from my head, I self censor and then it just becomes less than it could genuinely be.  I’m not even sure what that really means, but I know that it is true.  Not to say that editing is not necessary, but in terms of the creative process, it seems so difficult sometimes to just let it be, as it is said.

Let it be.  I need to let it be, as in, let me be me.  Maybe other peoples’ writing is of a different style and this is not at all applicable, but still I think in terms of creation, we are at our best when we are who we authentically, genuinely, deep down dirty ugly and beautifully are.

So that’s all I have, my blurb for the day.  Unless it’s my second, in which case now I’ve broken Michael something or other’s rule now two days in a row (I’m horrible with names), but rules were made, in some cases, to be broken.  And I’ll let this be one such case ;0)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.



3 thoughts on “ON BECOMING A WRITER: Lesson No.2 – Finding Your Voice Ain’t So Easy to Do

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  2. For me – the moment I become concerned with what I write because of some notion that others might read it or any notion of “entertaining” or pleasing them or attracting their interest – it all changes.
    Then again there must be a happy medium – of being able to be true to yourself and writing what you want to write, whilst simultaneously presenting it in a way that might attract others to read it. Perhaps for those who DO have investment in attracting a readership for whatever reason – this is something to aspire to.


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