LYRICAL GEMS NO.2 – The Lumineers, Stubborn Love

These lines from The Lumineers’ song “Stubborn Love” really struck me in a way I had not anticipated.  I think it has something to do with the combination of the lyrically melodic melancholy:

“It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all;

The opposite of love’s indifference.”

The Lumineers, “Stubborn Love”

The rest of the song’s pretty awesome too.

6 thoughts on “LYRICAL GEMS NO.2 – The Lumineers, Stubborn Love

  1. ““It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all; The opposite of love’s indifference.” – On the road all day yesterday (appointments), once again your post wafted into my car…, and thoughts. This is a theme that’s been pretty big in my thoughts and emotions lately. Won’t go into my personal experience here but to say that, yes, I agree with those lyrics. Sometimes, when in the pain part, you wonder if this is true. But, when stuck in the numb of feeling nothing or, as it says, “indifference”, you long just to feel…anything again. A favorite song that kind of deals with this comes to mind: (“and it feels like I’m alive”). Anyway, hope your day is going well. Thanks for another great post, and for haunting my car. (smile) ~ B

    • Interesting…I never equated the “indifference” part with “numbness” but I could see how that could make sense too. I wonder though, do you think there’s some choice in numbness where with indifference, you really just couldn’t care less genuinely? I don’t know the answer but the question is intriguing (to me anyways).

      I like that Incubus song, I like a couple of their others, but had never heard that one, thanks for sharing ;0) I love the line where I think he says something like “love sings when it transcends all other things” or something to that affect. It seems that would infer a choice, to numb things out or to feel them, and to feel the pain and transcend it = love. You’ll have to forgive me, I didn’t look up the lyrics yet, so maybe I’m reading too much into it. But what do you think?

      That’s kind of the premise for my book, the pain and overcoming and that’s what = beauty which is really just one form of love.

      Anyways, thanks for the thoughts and you’re welcome ;0) It’s nice to have readers who listen and share!! I couldn’t appreciate it more :0)

      • (smile) Thanks. Also, I don’t mean to always comment on your blog (wincing…haha!). I kind of step away and give space to you and others who may want to comment, and then maybe comment later if something is really sticking with me, and a couple of your posts really have. Whether you intend them or not, I really like your thought prompts. They’re “real”, ya know… You asked, “do you think there’s some choice in numbness where with indifference, you really just couldn’t care less”. I suppose. I don’t think a lot about indifference per se, but maybe I should more. To me the numbness is about settling into a routine of life and relationship, and then one day, through some meeting or interaction perhaps, realizing how long your heart has basically been asleep (zombie)… You know, when you’ve “settled” for things that don’t really do much for your heart and soul. And, in that instance, with eyes and heart wide open (maybe for the first time in a long time), you think anything is better than to continue that way… – Or maybe I’ve completely missed the point and am way off topic here… haha! (Yeah, probably that… ;) Oy! ~ Anyway, thanks for the dialog. You seem like a really nice person. I hope your day is going good. ~ Bill

        • Thank you and as with you. You are not off point, dead on target actually. I don’t believe that my disorder ever allows me to become “numb” as you describe, like ever, for too long. It’s always back and forth, back and forth. Painful sometimes, always a balancing act with the meds and changing circumstances, sometimes THOSE make me feel numb if they are too high, which I absolutely loathe. But I also know from experience, that I have to take them in at least some amount. Hence the balancing act…

          This post is about that actually…I think it was one of my first ones actually. Hard to believe that was 72 posts and 154 readers (sans me, of course ;0) ago:

          I appreciate your compliment that my writing is “real”. That, I would consider in part, to be one of the greatest honors I could earn in my writing practice. So thank you for bestowing it. Greatly appreciated ;0)

          • You’re welcome. And I did read your post via the link you offered. I think we all struggle with things that threaten our creativity. And maybe the thing is just to keep showing up at it. Not everything we do will be magnificent, you know, BUT, we will have great moments. The poet, David Whyte, in a poem called “The Journey”, said this: “Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens for you to find the one line already written inside you.” And I think it works both ways: Maybe we have to work our art (writing or whatever) across the whole sky for others (and even ourselves) to find that one line that resonates and means something personal. And, if that happens, then what more could you ask as a writer? Also, I find my own writing to be as much about self-discovery as anything else… ~ You’re doing great, I think. Just keep putting your writing – your soul – out there, and those lines of great insight will appear. As you know, I DO find those great lines in your writing already. Or they find me (most often in my car for some reason…haha!). ~ Here’s the David Whyte poem, by the way:

            Have a great night / morning wherever you are! (smile) ~ Bill


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