LYRICAL GEMS NO.3 – They Got Money for Wars but Can’t Feed the Poor (TY 2Pac)

Alright, so maybe posting my favorite lyrics is a bit of a cop out, because I didn’t have time or the energy or whatever to go search through my own past written verse or write a new one.  But in any case, it is sharing love at the very least, so I’m gonna share this quick one today since I’ve gotta get going to get a car estimate for the damage I did running into the wall in a parking garage exit ramp (dang’t!!).

This whole song is really amazing, it’s by TuPac, I know, I know, but for all of you who aren’t into RAP, give this one guy a break…he deserves it.  Or at the very least, some of his words do.  This lit-tle line has been in my head this morning:

They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor.

2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up

It makes me feel all kinds of things, thinking about that.  But mostly how I want to help.  How I myself can be of service.

I was thinking about C.A.S.A. for representing kids in court cases who don’t otherwise have advocates (or something to that effect…on my to-do-list to look up further into…), but I would like to do something for the veterans.  I just don’t know what.  If anyone has any volunteer suggestions for helping out the veterans, please let me know.

Much love…and if you’re having a bad day/year/decade or whatever, listen to this song…and keep ya head up ;0)

6 thoughts on “LYRICAL GEMS NO.3 – They Got Money for Wars but Can’t Feed the Poor (TY 2Pac)

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