YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH – It’s True (TY George Michael…?!)

Reflection from August 22, 2013 @ 32 Years Old


Isn’t it funny how the one most willing to play the fool is the one who also becomes most wise?  It’s a funny world this is for sure.

I was just thinking something and it slipped away.  I know I’ve talked about this before, but I really have to have faith in my mind and my writing, that what needs to come out will, and when, I need it too.  Or shall I say, when it needs to, whatever that means.

I have to have faith or my head is going to explode (much like it’s feeling right now).  I’m excited…I’m going out with Aaliyah tonight, cleaning the bathroom finally right now, gonna shower and get all dressed up!!!  Also took the first Ritalin I’ve taken in like, well, the first Ritalin I’ve taken past like, 5am in some 2-3 days.  Whew!  What a mouthful!!  I’m so excited as if you can’t tell!!  Hah!

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