ON PERCEPTION – Practicing Open-Mindedness

I got onto Fox News this morning to practice being open-minded.  I did, I signed up for an account with their website and then got on reading the chat for this senator or whomever that’s been up all night talking for days trying to defund Obamacare (or something to that effect…I have to buffer my intake of the news).  I didn’t really say much, I was timid and it felt like I was walking into the lions’ den.  But if there’s anything that gets me all riled up, it’s politics, and so I figured this would be the quickest, most challenging manner in which to test where I am at with open-mindedness.  I’m also working to reduce my bipolar meds, so I wanted to get a feeling as to where I am at in terms of mental stability at the moment.

Turns out, it wasn’t so bad.  I was only on there for 5-7 minutes.  Some people, well…a lot of the commentators were umm…well, kind of closed-minded, in the sense that they were making snap-judgments based upon faulty suppositions and questionable presumptions and that sort of thing.  I only posed one question in the main feed, asking what people who were not able to get private health insurance were supposed to do, and if they didn’t get some kind of insurance, whether the taxpayers would just end up paying for their ER visits anyways.  I mean, I didn’t see any harm in asking that.

One guy responded about how much money it’s going to cost, to which I questioned whether it would raise taxes, he never said.  One woman was really nice, she said there are other better ways to fix the problem than Obamacare.  I asked her what was wrong with Obamacare, other than an assumption that it was going to raise taxes.  She didn’t respond to that either.  And then some guy wrote “take a ticket” and I said I didn’t get it because I didn’t, and he didn’t respond back to that either.  I don’t know if they assumed I was an idiot, or whether they just had better people to converse with on Fox News chat this morning or what.  But that was sufficient, so I got off.  It was interesting though.

I used to be one who would get all riled up and make snap-judgments based upon potentially faulty propositions and all that.  I’m not sure where I’m at now.  I didn’t really get upset though.  It just kind of reminded me of the kind of person I did not want to be, over on the liberal side or in the middle or anywhere, with regard to anything.  So I think that was a positive result.  I didn’t feel heard and I didn’t really get any answers, I didn’t feel like my opinions or really even just my questions were valued or anything like that.  But I don’t know, it felt nice to get on there and not get all upset.  It would’ve killed the old me.

4 thoughts on “ON PERCEPTION – Practicing Open-Mindedness

  1. Those kinds a places are like a casino: The quicker you get out the better. The number of responders is so mind boggling high that being “heard” is like the same odds as winning the lottery. Most (99.9%) have already made up their minds and are just looking for a sounding board (or argument). That you learned something new about yourself and got out quickly means, in this instance you beat the house. You won. Good job! ;). ~ This was an enjoyable read, by the way. ~ B :)


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