ON PERSPECTIVE – Question of Weather & Responsible Leadership as it Follows…

This is kind of a dumb question, but really a fabulous one at the same time if you think about it for a sec…

Does anyone know why it is, that the weather people never lift us up with a forecast of “partly-sunny”, but rather choose to bring us down with the drab and dreary prediction of part cloudiness?  I wonder if it would make a difference in anyone else’s life?  It’s such a small thing…but every time I see that on The Weather Channel I switch it in my head from “partly-cloudy” to “partly-sunny” and laugh to myself, because really, though both are true, the latter just always seems to make me feel a little bit better.  I don’t know…just a thought…

Also, to anyone who’s interested, I’ve started a new website and I’m not quite just yet ready to share explicitly the link, because I have not posted any content as of yet to explain the “about” about it.  But it’s in the works and will shortly be up and running to follow my newfound endeavor and ongoing action into the (somewhat frightening but also intensely and invigoratingly fun) realm of politics.  My actions, of course, relate to Senate Bill 43 which I’ve been writing about lately, proposed legislation currently pending in the Ohio Senate and of which I am not a fan.

While the purpose behind this proposed bill is supposedly to “help”, I’ve found it’s really just an unreasonably rash response to the fear created within the media, causing a link almost every day in the news, between the violence in our (American) society and the segment of our population suffering from brain chemistry disorders.  In addition, the “big-hitter” (i.e. driving force) behind this legislation is an organization called NAMI Ohio, or – the Ohio section of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, led currently by an individual with the name of Terry Russell, NAMI Ohio’s “Executive Director”.  I’ve found in my research, that “Mr. Russell’s” motivation, is not so much one of “help”, but rather a burning desire to “be the one” who “did something about our ‘problem’ with the mentally ill in our community”.

The funny (i.e. peculiar, curious, ironic, irresponsible, inhumane, etc…) part about it, however, for a man leading an organization “to improve the quality of life and ensure dignity and respect for persons with mental illness”, is that he is both vehemently and aggressively backing this proposed S.B.43 legislation here in Ohio, which, in effect, strips a United States Citizen and resident of the State of Ohio of his/her civil liberty to make his/her own medical decisions for the sole reason of having been diagnosed with a “mental illness”.  Even more ironic, is that this proposed legislation threatens to remove a US Citizen/Ohio Resident’s right to “bear arms” for the sole reason that said individual has been diagnosed with a “mental illness”.  This is a legislative effort on behalf of NAMI Ohio, whose national organization, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, has clearly stated time again, that “[a]s a whole, people living with serious mental illness are no more violent that the rest of the population.  In fact, it is well documented that these individuals are far more frequently the victims of violence than the perpetrators of violent acts” (NAMI, “State Mental Health Cuts:  A National Crisis”, March 2011, page 2).

I have gone through and analyzed Mr. Russell’s position statement and arguments extensively, and simply cannot see how his support of this legislation does anything more than perpetuate and strengthen the stigma, discrimination, oppression and emotional abuse this (American) society currently forces upon our mentally ill population as a whole.  And to be frank, it makes me sick to realize the extent to which this grossly irresponsible and inhumane leadership on the part of NAMI Ohio has already influenced my state legislature to-date.  I intend to do something about it though…I have already begun the process in fact, S.B.43 has been stalled in the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee at present, and I have many more ideas to follow next, which I will track on this new website I’ve almost ready for release.

Despite everything, however, I do want to note that I am thankful to my Ohio Senators David Burke (R) and Charleta Tavares (D) for proposing this legislation, damaging as it may be – for it was the necessary catalyst from which to begin movement in a new direction, in newfound efforts to protect our mentally ill population from the abuse and inhumane neglect that we have for so long been forced to face alone, in isolation, fear, humiliation and darkness.

Goes to show…always a silver lining…depending upon nothing more than our own choice of conscious perspective.

And so I think I’ll stick with my “partly-sunny” days over here for the time being, and I’ll follow up very shortly with website no.2’s debut ;0)

All my love till then…

10 thoughts on “ON PERSPECTIVE – Question of Weather & Responsible Leadership as it Follows…

  1. I don’t know about the Weather Channel, but our TV stations say “Mostly sunny”, not “partially sunny”. Or, mostly cloudy with some sun.


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