LESSON NO.3 ON BECOMING A WRITER – Knowing Your Audience Really IS Important

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I made a writing mistake today.  I posted this on Facebook…

The Town

I really just wanted people to listen to this Macklemore song I thought was pretty great.  I’ve been having a pretty hard time in life lately, and so I was just really excited when I found this song on Spotify today.  It really made my day you know…it made me feel so much better than I’d been feeling, so much more hopeful.  So I guess I just wanted to share that with others…

I was just so excited about it that I forgot, no matter what, you still always must remember as a writer, who your audience is.  No matter what, it matters.  And Facebook reminded me today, when nobody decided to respond.  It hurt.  I mean, in a way it’s kind of just a silly little example – and yet it’s funny, because as silly and/or little it may seem to be, the lack of response still stung me.  It was just so personal to me…it really meant something to me you know?  But that’s the thing about writing, and I guess about speaking too (as I’m quickly finding out in my endeavor to make a difference), and really just any kind of sharing with other people in life I suppose…

You have to remember who your audience is.

But I think it’s especially important for us writers though, because what we write is so personal (or at least, in many a case it is), it matters to us.  I suppose in a way then, it’s like a writer’s tool for self-preservation.  What we write matters to us, because otherwise we wouldn’t take the time to sit down and write it.  It matters.

And so I suppose that’s it, the point of this post:  I just wanted to share so you hopefully don’t ever have to feel the sting I’ve been harboring today.  An audience responds when they can relate, good or bad, they must be able to relate in some way, some way that matters to them too.  That’s what connects us…I hate to say it, but it’s self-interest.  Really, though, to put it in a lighter sense of the term – we all have different messages we want to get across.  It seems to me, now, as a growing writer, that the key in making a difference is to find and use first, what we have in common.  Only then, once we’ve found some way to connect together, can we begin to bridge the gap in between.

7 thoughts on “LESSON NO.3 ON BECOMING A WRITER – Knowing Your Audience Really IS Important

  1. I can’t for the life of me see anything wrong with your FB post. Am I missing something? I do live under a rock, but still….maybe the fact that nobody commented had nothing to do with you at all. Maybe FB was having a glitch, or for some reason your post just didn’t show up in your friends’ feeds (happens to me all the time).

  2. Although my taste in music is different, I understand and agree with the sentiment totally. Facebook. Ugh. The people we’re “stuck” with. I went through a big deletion party one day, and axed all but 30. Gone are most of my high school “friends”… We come to blogs, places like this, however, to better meet soul mates of sorts, and there is a lot more resonance. I hardly ever post anything of my soul on FB anymore, because people don’t get it. They’re either too religious or too numb between the ears… haha. Someone can post that they’re going shopping or something silly like that and get 50 likes and comments. I can post something really meaningful to me…, and nothing but crickets… So, I just don’t anymore. This is where “family” is, but you’re right: even here content has to resonate a bit. Good post.

    • Ohh yeah, I forgot this earlier but was going to say, thanks for listening to the song ;0) I know we all have different tastes, especially in those sorts of aesthetic things, but I think when we share in what others are passionate about, it’s a great opportunity to share in our support for others too, as well as a wonderful vehicle for practicing open-mindedness you know? I mean, I try to listen and read and be open-minded with all the suggestions you and others give me specifically, because usually even if not totally aesthetically pleasing, there’s usually a great message and common bond to be shared which makes it worth the effort in any case. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me ;0)

      • You are welcome. Please know, however, that anything I say is just my funky thinking. There should always be a sign on my back that reads, “Don’t follow me. I’m lost too.” haha. Seriously, though, my life is such a mess on so many levels. But I do like how you write, and the exchange of ideas is wonderful. I always read something in your writing that has a quality of deep honesty and bravery about it that really resonates. ~ I hope your weekend is going well. :) ~ Bill

        • Thank you ;0) And just so you know, I’m pretty lost too. I think most people are, they just aren’t capable and/or don’t want to admit it. So I really appreciate all the more, the ones who are and do.

          It’s nice to not be so alone in my struggles anymore. I used to only be able to dream of the day…


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