Nahhhh…I’m just speakin’ up for myself and for my mentally ill people to make sure’n keep these legislators here in Ohio from frivolously taking our civil rights away.  I’m sure the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee and the Ohio House Judiciary Committee and all the senators and representatives here who proposed the currently pending horrible legislation may see things otherwise…but what do they know?  They’re just “normal” ordinary persons — they’re not extraordinary as are we ;0)

So anyways, I’m sitting here in the basement at my parents’ house, where I now live, after my (former…) husband kicked me out of his condo back in September 2012, and where I’ll likely remain for an indeterminate amount of time now that my employer let me go too, just this last Friday.  I mean geez…talk about some harsh consequences for speaking out on mental illness!!  Ahh well…we’ll keep on going till they blow…

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