This post contains:

  1. A section from the “Written Testimony” I submitted last week at the Ohio House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on November 13th in opposition to their proposed legislation “affecting the mentally ill”; followed by
  2. Video Journal Numero Deux which provides an update on both mood and legislative activity — note:  mood is somber…

HOPELESSNESS — Removal of my Civil Rights Without Justifiable Cause:  Resulting Lag in Capability to Cultivate Self-Autonomy, Self-Confidence & Self-Respect.

Now, last month, October 2013, I dealt with Ohio Senate Bill 43, which proposed that our state government step in, regardless of presence of immediate harm, and unjustifiably remove from our mentally ill population their civil rights, and force unwanted and incompetent medical treatment upon them.  And yet, here we are just one month later, in November 2013, and I find myself again dealing with the same proposed legislation!  Now relabeled…

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One thought on “SPEAKING OUT ON MENTAL ILLNESS – Broken Records…

  1. Yah. Whole thing sucks. Do you have any avenues for seeking compensation for your dismissal? Discrimination due to your health condition, ADA violation, perhaps? Oh God I would love to see a law firm hoisted on its own petard due to an ADA violation!

    On a different topic, even if Ohio did pass Bullshit Bill 104, where do they expect to come up with the money to pay for all these forced treatments when they can’t even do shit or shinola in the community as it stands? Yes, it would be devastating to have the law on the books, but unless they intend to build the equivalent of Bedlam in Columbus or maybe Toledo, (Lima would be perfect, they already have the prison for the Criminally Insane there), there would be no way to put the laws into effect.


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