A SHOUT OUT – To All The Kids At Home On Friday Night…

For the kids out there…



Hi guys…you’re just going to have to settle for all being guys.  I’m sorry, I’m not from the south and “people” just doesn’t sound right either, and so “guys” it is…that includes everyone, just note now, for later ;0)

Ohh and also, as it relates to same, the plural…umm…let’s see…the plural possessive (?) for “you guys” is “your guyses”.  I know.  It’s ridiculous.  I know.  But, it’s true.  It’s your guyses…no wait…it’s your guys’!

That’s it…like, my humanity, and then your guys’ humanity…you see?  Alright, well anyways, here’s my best video yet!  That’s true too!  I’m getting better…I mean I think I am…I actually haven’t even watched this one yet because it’s like more than 20 minutes long and it’s uploading and I just finished it…

But, it’s about a few things, I mean, I speak to a few things in the video — let’s…

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