ON PERCEPTION – What You Call A “Break From Reality”, I Call “Truth”


Shakespeare said:

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

I believe I can change the world, if only I can figure a way to help others understand.  If that is a “delusion of grandeur” and makes me a manic mentally ill bipolar person, then I suppose that is your conclusion and you’ve already made up your mind and closed it shut.

But if you haven’t already decided and are willing to hear me out, hear me out.

Please…I promise you it will help you make better sense of what so presently just seems non-sensical.  I promise you that…just give me one shot

Let me explain for you the difference between “normal” persons’ physical “reality” and “mentally ill” persons’ “truth”.  It’s a lit-tle complicated and will take 30-minutes time, but I promise you…

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