ON MEANING AND FATE – What’s Meant To Be



WRITTEN 5/23/2008 @ AGE 26

I wanted to say, I was thinking on the way home from work today that I don’t think everything happens for a reason.  I do think we can attribute meaning to that which has already happened, but I do not believe anymore that everything happens for a reason.  Funny thing though, is that I do believe in fate.  Ohh I believe in fate, destiny and chance and I always will.  I believe that some circumstances are meant to be and no matter what road a person takes, how many zig zags are taken and times spent lost in the woods, if something is meant to be, I believe it will be.  I believe that no matter what path a person takes, fate will inevitably bring them back round circle to heaven’s gate.  Apparently I attribute fate to heaven though, which I’m not actually quite so comfortable with.  And what about bad fate?  Like, was Dave meant to die so young?  No matter what happened or where Dave went, was he going to die?  It’s all so curious.


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