ON WRITING – When Doing What I Love, Saves Me…


Well, I’m sitting at home tonight.  It’s 7:46pm, inching closer and closer to midnight.  Another New Years’ Eve almost under my belt

New Year’s Eve is easily my least favorite holiday.  It mostly makes me think of coldness on my skin and darkness in my heart and of all those things that I am supposed to be, but just am not.  That’s the usual for me, that and hanging out with people I don’t care to be with, and drinking enough alcohol to black it all out.  Not this year though…not for me this New Year’s Eve…

I decided instead, to stay in and work on my legislative/consumer mental-health advocacy and to write.  I know — it may sound lame, but it means everything to me…and it makes me happy.  So, even if it’s not what I “should” be doing right now, it’s what fulfills me, and so, I see nothing wrong with that.  Others can think what they want, I cannot make them think what they will not.  But — just as between you and me — thank you again for reading ;0)  For being there…thinking of you now, and wishing you a wonderfully joyful and very, very safe New Year!!

All my love…


13 thoughts on “ON WRITING – When Doing What I Love, Saves Me…

  1. Wishing you a great year ahead. I think you have made a great choice to do things which make you happy. I think we shouldn’t be bothered about what others want us to do rather we should focus on what we want to do :)

  2. You are absolutely right. Do what makes you happy & fulfills you for sure! Who cares what others think? Love your attitude and spirit!! Wishing you a new year filled with joy, love, peace, good health, good luck, possibilities & dreams coming true, Marissa! :)

    • Thank you Laura ;0) And to you too!! And…I have not forgotten about your email, it’s still in my inbox. I’ve just been in and out of commission ;0/

      I will be in touch more very soon though, and hope you have the very best of New Years in between! Xoxxo


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