ON BEIN’ A MAMA BEAR – What’s Happenin’ Over Here…


Hi guys!  It’s been a very very long time, and I wanted to write a “real” post to let all of you–my wonderful readers (!!)–know, how I am doing in “real time” over here.  How things are going and that sort of thing…you know…

First and foremost, I’m very perturbed with Prince right now.  That he would tease us with a song like this, and then refuse to actually release it until an undetermined later date is almost entirely unbearable.  As in, I’m dying over here.  But I will forgive him, because his appearance to promote this song on “New Girl” was actually a very important FDC sign for me–for which I was very much so in need!  And so, all has been forgiven whilst I wait patiently ;0)

But on a serious note–and this is actually the reason why I decided to write this post–I’ve noticed lately, an interesting concept developing within me.  In working as a mental-health legislative-advocate over these past 5 months–well, what’s happened basically, is this:

I’ve been working very closely with my state legislature, as a person who’s been labeled with “serious mental-illness” (i.e. as a “mental-health consumer” by way of Bipolar I Disorder), to help them understand what it actually means to be “mentally-ill” (i.e. as in, being blessed with “technicolor vision“, helping explain the differences in perception between “normal” and “mentally-ill” persons–that sort of thing).  And it’s been a lot of work!  But I want to make this world a better place, for kids who have these same struggles to live in…

So I’m pretty confident it will be worth it–especially if I can do it (which, I’m pretty sure I can…I think I can, I think I can…you know the refrain).  But, so–as it relates to same, and especially in regard to saving these kids from others’ cruelty–I’ve noticed a very interesting characteristic developing inside of me.  It seems rather unnatural to describe it this way, since I have no children of my own–but honest to god, it feels just like being a “mama-bear”.  Like, I get in this mama-bear mode and I switch from sweet, gentle Marissa, to down-and-dirty, let’s-get-straight-to-business Marissa.  It’s weird ;0)  But nice!  I like it!  But, definitely something new that I’ve never before experienced!

So anyway, I hate to be anti-climactic, but really that’s it.  That’s all I’ve got for now..  Except that I’m working to use italics less in my writing because my friend indicated it’s a lit-tle like I’m shouting when I do that…but otherwise, not a whole lot else ;0)  But I will be back very soon–I promise.  (See, I just removed the italics from “promise”…very, very gooooood!)  And in the meantime, I hope all is going well with you, and if you wouldn’t terribly mind, and happen to have a little extra energy–I would greatly appreciate if you would send some good vibes my way..

I will be working to finish up my involvement with SB43 in Ohio’s Senate Civil Justice Committee this week, and hopefully figuring an employment opportunity out from under it!  Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck– I may need it!!

All my love…


14 thoughts on “ON BEIN’ A MAMA BEAR – What’s Happenin’ Over Here…

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