THE TIME IS NOW – To Finish Writing Book No.1




Many days ago I went out with June and Solomon for happy hour, and we got to talking and I spoke of all the children who have no one.  And what are they supposed to do when all these other people, who are perfectly able to help them don’t, because they feel they have no love or money or support to give beyond their own families.  And then I started to cry because the truth is, so many people could, but choose not, to help.  Myself included.  I think I don’t know how…how to get started…or I put it off until I get myself put together.

But I realize now…it’s not necessarily all the others I was crying for.  It’s myself I was crying for.  Because in so many ways I am one of those people.  And I wonder in some ways if we all are one of those persons.  But if that were so…wouldn’t we all be more willing to help?  Maybe not.  Or maybe those of us who are those people are struggling too hard to get by to have much left to give.  And maybe some just don’t know how to give.

I know my gift to give is my writing and I know now is the time to be putting that book together.  There is, after all, no time like the present.  I’ma get to it…


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