ON CHANGING DIRECTIONS – “Normal Gets You Nowhere”

“I got caught up in the video game we’re all brainwashed into playing, consumed with chasing a nice apartment and a hot guy and a fancy wedding and more money and power.  But none of that made me feel good, and it still doesn’t.  So eventually, I learned to use my time differently, and better.”

“Amma says that there are two kinds of poverty.  One is caused by lack of love, and the other is caused by lack of money.  She teaches that if we can cure the first, the second will not exist.  To that end, she’s directed her devotees to be mindful of homeless people in their own communities.”

— Kelly Cutrone, Normal Gets You Nowhere

7 thoughts on “ON CHANGING DIRECTIONS – “Normal Gets You Nowhere”

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    • You’re welcome ;0) I was just looking for you online–that post with the comment about “the force” :0P I’m watching Star Wars No.6 with my nephew and niece, and wondering which order I should watch the entire series in, if I’m planning on watching them all in a day or two as a marathon while I finish putting together book no.1…whew!! Any insight on the viewing order? Hope all is well ;0)

      • Hi Marissa,
        You don’t say how old they are – and I think that makes a difference as to whether you have to explain the movies or just watch them.

        Either way, I think I would watch them 4, 5, 6 and then 1, 2 and 3. The special effects are so much better in the later movies, the first trilogy might seem boring to younger eyes.

        I regret to pass on that my own nephew (who I mentioned briefly before) committed suicide on 2 Feb. He was only 19 yrs old, but didn’t see a way forward.

        Please keep up your good work! There are many more kids out there who can still be pulled back from the brink. Your work is important!


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