ON FEELINGS – Bittersweet Melancholy..

I had a curious thought today – it was that my favorite feeling to feel is bittersweet-melancholy. I’m not even sure entirely what that means – let’s see…dictionary.com will tell us:

“Bittersweet” – both pleasant and painful.

“Melancholy” – soberly thoughtful (hmm…); pensive (double-hmm…).

“Pensive” – dreamily or wistfully thoughtful.

“Wistful” – longing; yearning.

So, hmm…very interesting to note. Well in any case, here’s the beautiful song to which I’ve just recently been introduced, that drove me to such thinking in the first place – enjoy ;0)

5 thoughts on “ON FEELINGS – Bittersweet Melancholy..

  1. I’m not one usually to tweet,blog,comment or so on.But I felt the need in this eerie moment.I was listening to an artist perform his song on Late Show with David Letterman.I was immediately reminded of older songs that gave me the same good feeling.The words bittersweet melancholy came to mind.I typed the words into my phone just to see what I would find.Your website was the first on the list.As I was still listening to the song & reading along,I grew increasingly curious to read that you had a song to share this same feeling.I paused before looking to see that it was the very same artist,Ben Howard who I was still listening to.Although I was unable to watch the video,I hope to think the beautiful song was “I Forget Where We Were”.Thank you for an interesting topic & offering such a bittersweet melancholy moment !

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  3. You know, I’ve been trying to put my finger on this feeling for the past two weeks. I normally get this feeling when I listen to an emotionaly charged song which makes me long for the good times that are impossible to get back to. Pensive, Wistful, these are wonderful words for it. I was going for Bittersweet melancholy but thought no one would have a clue what i was talking about…..turns out I was mistaken. :) Thank you. :)

  4. I think if you’re happy in yourself then melancholy can be a nice place to be, otherwise it can be too painful. I can’t get the volume to work on the song (could be my phone) but I know it and it is beautiful.


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