Reflection from October 4th, 2007 @ Age 26


I just watched a very small segment of Larry King live on the state of poor Britney Spears and interestingly enough, it was also the topic on Dr. Phil today since she’s lost custody of her two sons.  Anyways, I’m so fucking sick of these ignorant judgmental people who don’t even know her, claiming she just doesn’t care about them and expressing their abysmal shock over Britney’s behavior.  Well, it has been pretty shocking—I’ll give them that.  The part that really pisses me off though, is when they all claim they just don’t understand how someone could behave in this way.  Well open your eyes people!  If you just opened your eyes you could see.  But they must first be willing to be open in order to see.  It’s called mental illness, and if they weren’t so damn busy trying to hide it still and pretend they’re always okay, they could see that it is running rampant throughout America today.  You can see it in the mass epidemic of overeating, in our materialistic tendencies still believing that money and things can buy up happiness.  You can see it in the incessant binge drinking across college campuses today.

I really hate when people judge a conclusion, but are simultaneously unwilling to look at the root of the problem that led to that very conclusion.  It makes me sick.  And yet I’m sure there are ways in which I perpetuate this behavior as well.  I believe that in fixing this, it will be a lifelong struggle for increased consciousness.  But at least in participating in this struggle, we are working towards a constructive solution.  We could be making this world a better place for all human beings, including our own children, rather than ignoring the problems and merely trying to shield our children from reality.  We are making our own reality and society worse off by ignoring the suffering of other human beings.  It’s so frustrating when people can’t see that they’re actually working against and not for themselves and their offspring.


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