ON FREEDOM — Plotting My Princess Way..

Reflection from April 17th, 2008 @ Age 26

I’m slowly realizing that for a girl who, at this point, is going to have to work fulltime—I truly do have ideal working conditions.  My office with two walls of windows being one of the best props.  I just love my viney green plant in the window that’s been growing as you couldn’t believe.  And in the afternoons the sun beams in and I shut myself up in my little alcove like a princess held in a tall beautiful castle against her will, and I realize that it sure could be a lot worse.  It could be much better—I could be a writer and be free to live and read and explore the world around me; but at the same time, comparatively speaking, especially—my work environment could be so so much worse.  So yay for me!  The princess plotting her journey away from this luxurious haven and into freedom almighty.


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