ON EDUCATION – Learning How To Learn Again

Reflection from November 28th, 2013 @ Age 32


It’s been many many days since I’ve last written.  I’ve been creating in the meantime on the blogs, but nothing systematic yet.  And I don’t think anything of great worth is going to come out until I find a way to get systematic about things.  I know how to do it; the bar exam—that’s how to do it.  If I can reteach myself law school to pass the f@#king bar exam, then I can figure a way to get systematic with my creativity.  I just need to set the system frame up.  Then I work within it and it will be very productive and I will be very productive, but not without it.  I must set it up, and soon—before my demise, should it come or even be on its way over now.  I don’t know what is going to happen.  I only know that I cannot not do this now.  I’m in too deep now, to get out.

That’s a little what it feels like now too.  Like I’m trapped.  I’m afraid I’m going to get to a point where I cannot breathe and then I don’t know if I will know what to do next.  Like, after that—to keep me going and all.  I don’t even feel like writing right now, I’m so f@#king tired from all the gray outside I can hardly stand myself and the feel of these achy fingertips upon these keys enough to create these words that I write.  But ahh well…I will be back soon.  I promise…

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