ON LIFE — The Direction In Which You Are Heading


Reflection from September 1st, 2011 @ Age 30


This is how I figure it goes:

Everyday, my health has been getting worse.  I have not been eating as well as I could be, I haven’t been exercising at all, I haven’t been writing often to release my anxiety and frustrations, I haven’t been working on my book to relieve myself of my past demons—I haven’t been doing any of these things, or at least if I have, the efforts have been meager at best.  Things have just been heading in a bad way, and I’ve felt like there was nothing I could do about it because the projects I have in store for each of the above-mentioned tasks are far-reaching.  They’re idealistic, and in my quest for perfection, an eternity away.  

But this is how I figure it…everyday I can either let it keep getting worse, or I can do the absolute best that I can and one of two things will happen (given my capabilities, which are great):

  1. I will stop heading in the wrong direction, and tread water; or
  2. I will actually start heading in the right direction.

It’s one of the two, and if I seek only to retard the growth of evil, then I might accidentally move past treading in place, and begin to tread ever so slightly, ever so slowly—but nonetheless, in the right direction.  So there you have it; that’s my clear thought for the day after my 45-minute workout ;0)  So that’s that.  What I do with it, we shall see.  But today I’ve got a good start—better than most of the other days this year thus far, so that’s something.


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