ON DREAMS — Waiting For Their Realization

Reflection from February 18th, 2009 @ Age 27


There was a pregnant girl at yoga class tonight.  It so very much made me wish I was married and pregnant with my first child.  She was beautiful too.  She had long brown hair tied back in a long brown ponytail.  I would know too because I stared at her the entire class.  She was positively glowing like they do.  She was so beautiful I felt wretched in her presence.  Ohh the reminders that I hate where I am at in my life.  It’s terrible having to watch other people’s dreams come true when mine are so far from realization.  Only luck could make my dreams come true and I’ve never been one to have very good luck.  Hopefully that’s changing.

2 thoughts on “ON DREAMS — Waiting For Their Realization

    • :0) thank you for sharing with me…it means *everything*, and just so you know ;0) “it”, *has*…she’s coming right now, in fact :0)


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