ON AMERICAN IDEALS — Stabbing One Another In The Back

Reflection from April 19th, 2008 @ Age 26


I was just thinking of Walmart, of all things, thinking about how American society promotes stabbing one another in the back.  So in the news all over all the time there’s shit written about how heinously Walmart treats its employees right?  Right, so I keep thinking, well that’s reason enough for me not to shop there and support their sub-humane behaviors, but can I really fault Christopher and Aaliyah for buying diapers and baby food there because they can get it there cheaper?  I don’t think that I can, especially now what with Aaliyah being unemployed.  And I think I am in the minority; I think most people would take the lower prices thereby consciously or not supporting sub-humane working conditions and hope to high hell they’re never in a position in which they would need the missed favor returned.  

And by American society, I guess I just mean consumers who want the best prices, who thereby support the lowest cost provider, whereby the most cost effective provider who can probably afford such prices because they cut employees, salaries, health benefits, retirement, etc.  I’d be surprised to find that a CEO is volunteering his own money so that a corporation can lower its prices.  I won’t say they don’t exist, maybe some do lower their own salaries to increase consumer support by lowering prices or what the fuck ever, I just don’t like it one bit.


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