Hi guys…it’s me ;0)  In “real” time here…

I just had a thought of particular significance that I wanted to share with you all, as you are worth it…

It went a little something like this…

My “bipolar” human condition is kind of like the weather here in Ohio — it is ever-changing, from moment to moment.  My emotions are the same — if you will…they constitute my “humanity”.  Learning to “weather” the storm (and do so efficiently i.e. without destroying myself in the process…) is what allows me to rise above my human condition into the “higher” realm (of spirituality).

And that was that…

Just wanted to share, and to give you guys a shout out from which to send you all my love.

I hope you are all well…


Marissa Varcho

2 thoughts on “ON LEARNING TO “WEATHER THE STORM” — Of My Human Condition

  1. Well said. I think one of the problems with people with a mental illness is that the illness is not a part of them, it becomes them and defines them. It is all encompassing and intrinsically the illness (or diagnosis of it) defines the freedom and restrictions the person puts on themselves. For instance, I can’t do such and such because it might trigger an attack. So you are controlled within the diagnosis and it boundaries. It would appear you are not. Well done.


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