ON SELF-MEDICATING — For Bipolar Undertones

Reflection from January 29th, 2002 @ Age 20


Honestly sometimes it just seems like there is so much out there going on underneath all the shit we all see everyday, and I get little glimpses of things—but I just have no idea still what in the world is going on with everyone around me and to be honest, most of the times, with myself.

Okay, but I’ve been hanging out with Anastasia since last Thursday and we have been smoking a lot!  Which could be one of the many reasons why I am feeling so fucking guilty today!  It’s been fun though, and there’s something about Ana that just feels so comfortable for me you know?  It just feels like we are family, because I feel like we have been through so much together—even though we don’t know every little thing about one another.  I don’t know though…I mean, where has my brain been?  I must stop smoking so much weed!  And cigarettes!

One thought on “ON SELF-MEDICATING — For Bipolar Undertones

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