ON FAIRYTALES — And The Necessity Of Belief.

Reflection from March 7th, 2009 @ Age 27


People believe in fairytales because life is so goddamn unbearable and cold and cruel that they have to believe in something to get by.  That’s why people prefer going to see movies with happy endings.  That’s why it always happens in movies — the happy endings, that is.  It’s because people want to believe that good things do happen in this world, and that good prevails over evil, and that if you are a good person—then good things will come to you.  It’s just simply not true though.  None of those things are true—but people have to believe in them, to get by.

What I want, is a fairytale.  I want someone to come up and sweep me off my feet and take care of me, and financially provide for me, forevermore.  I want to have no worries—not a care in the world; and I want to be blissfully happy and in love.  I want my fairytale.  But, the question is…will it ever come?


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