On Dreaming — For Something..

Reflection from February 28th, 2004 @ Age 22

Re:  Dreaming from Above —Holding onto Hope.

Ohmigod!  I just thought of the most wonderful idea!  I’m going to start videotaping myself practicing what I am going to say in my interviews!  Hoorah!  It’s so wonderful because then I will get to see what I look like from the interviewer’s perspective and I can use that to work on improving my performance!  I love it.  And it’s doubly wonderful because that way I will be working on my oral communication skills that will help me in my oral argument to make it onto the moot court team!  Yeah!  I so want to be on the moot court team.

My dream is to become a famous litigator in the employment law realm because of some astronomical improvement in the way this damn country treats its employees.  And I’ll be known as the tweed queen because I will be the beautiful dark complected girl with unbelievably beautiful skin, who revolutionized the attorney fashion appeal by wearing only gorgeous tweed suits with all sorts of patterns of unbelievable color.  Oh what fun!  I want to be on the cover of Vogue!  That’s another dream.

Oh what a wonderful week it’s been.  I feel I’ve really grown up a little this week.  I feel I see things clearer, most notably because I get to see them again through hopeful eyes.

I love my life.  Yes I do.  Everything about it, but mostly my family, my friends, my career and myself.

One thought on “On Dreaming — For Something..

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