ON AMERICAN POLITICS — Simple-Minded Absurdism

Reflection from March 19th, 2008 @ Age 26


I find it to be funny that I spent so many years actively and consciously trying to forget about Dave, and now that he’s dead, all I want to do is think about him all day long.  Funny in a painfully ironic way I suppose.  But funny all the same.  Funny if you’re not me I suppose.

Well, aside from Dave I was thinking about this economic stimulus package today.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly excited to receive my $600 in June (assuming the government doesn’t fuck me over) and all***, but I can’t help but recognize that I probably wouldn’t need that money so damn bad if our economy wasn’t in shambles, if gas prices weren’t rising by the goddamn day, if we weren’t funding a pointless war overseas, alone.  Ohh I know there’s more to it…let’s see, I wouldn’t need the money if there were jobs around town at least somewhat competing for good workers and therefore offering good wages, I wouldn’t need the money if my healthcare and medications weren’t so goddamn expensive, etc. etc.  I hate these fucking Republicans because do you know, the fucking joke is on us.  People are going to be ohh tra-la-la this is so fabulous our government is taking care of us by giving us money directly, but look a little damn closer and the fucking joke is on us.  We may be getting 600 lousy dollars this spring, but that’s nuthin’ compared to what we’ve been losing all along for the past eight years.  It’s like come on people, look at what’s really happening here.  Don’t fall for this bullshit bait the Republicans feed always at the very last minute to say hey, look at me, I’m so wonderful because I’ll give you money once in your lifetime or I’ll lower gas prices once in eight fucking years.  It fucking makes me livid

And I don’t know why people can’t see, or maybe they can and I just don’t know these people yet, but I don’t know why people can’t see that this unrestrained capitalism is no goddamn better than unrestrained communism.  The only fucking difference is that instead of the government running the mass majority of people’s lives, privatized corporations will be forging the hat.  And really it’s just the same as unrestrained Republicans or unrestrained Democrats…the theories both have good aspects and bad, what we need is not one or the other, we need the best of both worlds.  We need balance.  Why is this so hard for people to see?  Why can we not at least be working toward finding a medium in between?  That’s where the middle class is.  That’s the space into which the majority of American citizens fall.  So why aren’t we moving in this direction?

***12/13/2014 UPDATE:  They did (screw me out of the cash back in ‘08), but *then*, they saved me with democracy this year, so I can’t complain ;0)


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