ON LEARNING — To Utilize Spiritual Good Whilst Deflecting Psychological Harm

Reflection from June 30th, 2005 @ Age 24


You know Naomi has been acting very strange toward me.  And maybe it’s just the way she is, but she just seems to want to argue with most of what I say and she’s been making some very coarse comments to me as well.

Like yesterday, we were talking about my going to the barn with her on Saturday for a riding lesson and she was saying to wear an old tank top or t-shirt because I needn’t be showing off my boobs to the horses, or something very similar to that effect.  How weird is that?  What the hell does it matter to her if I show off my boobs to the horses?  Weirdo!

And then I was joking, saying to her that I’d like to not ride one of the horses she was telling me about that’s 30, which is like 90 years old in human years, because it might be slow and tired.  And she’s all like, “you know it’s not like you’re going to ride off into the sunset like the movies.”  Who fucking said I was bitch?  And then she was just combative trying to argue that old horses are fast enough for me; what the fuck does it matter to her?

She’s kind of a weirdo and I don’t like her combative attitude.  I’m looking for a new sponsor, starting today.


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