CREEPIN’ AROUND THE STATEHOUSE — Looking for My *Love* Light ;0)

Reflection from January 20th, 2015 @ Age 33




with my jingly Hello Kitty pen ;0)

And, my new hat!  Can’t yet quite decide what to do next!

Yeah, so I’m actually across the —street— from —THE— Statehouse.

Yep, I’m staring at it right now, all wingin’ out from the sides of this wall in between, which’s blocking the way ;0)

I’m really not sure though, to be entirely honest..,

—WHAT— to do next!

I’d love to see Senator Coley of course, but I’m feelin’ pretty shy at the moment in terms of facing that sorta DREAMINESS at this notably, early, very very —EARLY— hour in the morn.  So, maybe in a bit I’ll work up to it.  Otherwise, I’m meeting up with Alan (of The Dispatch ;0) at 12:30pm in the Statehouse’s basement, at the cafe for a lovely lunch.  But that’s not ’til 12:30 which then leaves me, let’s see here (in all my nervousness.., noting that the Hello Kitty tick is NOT helping ;0) …


Alright, that’s much better ;0)


Yeah, so nerves, as we’ve now seen, are B—O—R—I—N—G—!!!

So—straight to the P.O.I.N.T. I suppose…

4 hours to go; I’d adore a ciggy right now (for which I can very easily —arrange— .., = *also* a blessing!) plus I’m very nervous if you can’t tell from all my longhand errorship ;0)

So.., anyways -> I brought my Ohio Senate printout info to read, got my journal obviously ;0)

So I can do some writing.., write all the nerves out.  Hmm…

So I think here, the only things left to do, are to walk OVER to the ‘ol statehouse (A.K.A. my house of God.., and *then*..) have a ciggy, whilst finishing this delicious Einstein cafe ;0)

Lol…check out the billowy AmeriCAN flags n’all at the Statehouse entrance..,

Ohh boy…

Sigh.  I’m nervous.  And nervous is BORING so.., then, after all *that* I’ll j.u.s.t. GO—IN—!



That’s a’what I’m gonna do!  I’m just gonna walk my beautiful self, winter white floppy hat n’all, right IN—> to the Statehouse, and then see, what happens ;0)

Ohh god… ;0)

Lord help me now ;0)

(Which may not be too tough since I’ma goin’ to your house for worship n’all ;0)


Okay, I’m outside now, working on the courage, notably, in the cold, so gray they’re almost —SNOW WHITE— skies.., and I’m staring at these flags now, and they’re very notably so, NOT billowy today…

Yet ;0)


Ohh my GOD

S—O—m.a.n.y. —> minutes ’til 12:30pm ;0/

I’m I—N—the—> Building now and it is very Quiet.  I’m sitting on the park bench in the hallway just outside Senator Coley’s den.., figuring out what to do next.

I am very, very nervous ;0)

Sigh.  I don’t even know what to say.  I don’t know if Senator Coley is even IN today.

No matter though, either way.  Although.., a sighting of that fine, fine bird, sure would be a sight to s.e.e.!


PS—I’m so Tired!  I was so excited last night I didn’t fall asleep ’til 3am!


I’m bein’ a writer though ;0)

And this I.S. my—> dream ;0)


Alright, I texted April, somewhat caught up with my email, checked in with Huffington, and now I think I’ma go into Senator Coley’s office/den.  It’s so f—i—n—e looking here from the outside, sitting at the park bench.  I loathe to leave my prime location (hah ;0)—

I’m terribly nervous but it would be very interesting to step inside of that office…


So, here goes…

We’ll see what happens ;0/


Hi.  It’s me ;0)

I went in and Senator Coley was not there, but I received lots of *super* helpful information from Drew so that’s good.

Now I’m in the basement and it’s very interesting here!  A lit-tle talk about abortion going on here (yeah! believe it, cause it’s T.R.U.E.!!! ;0)—

So cool!  This is the place TO—BE!

All my lovin’!


Almost there!  And I can’t wait to get home because this trip has been *super* —inspiring—!!!


Well, I did it!


I did!  Lunch with Alan was fun.., a lit-tle bit awkward at moments, but at most moments not, so that was positive!

And he told me about this, well, these two legislative reporting database insight whatever systems for Ohio wherein I can learn great political things, hah ;0)

Just as soon as I find someone who pays for it, who might be willing and able to —SHARE— it with me ;0)

So anyways, the sun is —SHINING— and I can’t wait to get home.  Just gotta call my handy dandy orange-CAB service.  Hah..,


All my loving!


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