ON FOCUS — How The Big Picture Trumps The Little One ;0)


Reflection from March 21st, 2012 @ Age 30


Just working on the book and my journal entry from July 11th, 2005 reminded me of this childhood prayer I used to always say with my mama when I was a little girl:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep;

And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take;


Or at least, I think that’s what it said.  I’ll have to ask my mom.  Maybe…


It’s so funny, this life—how I’m working on finishing up Cultivating Beauty right now, and how it’s reminding me, and showing me, of the whole process of creating a satisfying life.  The process is so long and frustrating, it’s almost maddening in a way—but then again, it’s worth so much more than anything money could buy.

I think one of the most fun parts about this time right now, is going through it with Adam.  He’s hit a point in his professional career where he’s very frustrated and feels like he’s been standing still for forever and a day.  And it’s so neat to see myself in him, where I used to be—and to know from it, how far I have come.  It makes me feel so good to be able to help him through this process, sharing with him what I know, figuring out the best way to help him see what it is that I see. 

I gave him a pep talk just now before he left for work, and told him to think about what he really wants in specific detail on his drive to work, and then to remember to bring those thoughts back into the forefront of his mind every time somebody says something or something happens at work that brings about that frustration.  I told him to just keep reminding himself, bringing his eye back to the goal—to stay focused on what it is that he wants so he can keep the big picture in mind, and then the little things that don’t really matter anyway will not bother him so much.

And so I told him that and he smiled and hugged me, and it made me feel so good.  This is how I can help people, and it is exactly what will lead me down the path to maximizing my personal worth for the greater good.  I continue…


Adam and I were talking last night, he was telling me what his life was like before me—how he handled his illness and the thought/idea of death and he brought up Meet Joe Black again, second time since May 2011 at Lee’s graduation in Virginia which was the first reference to that movie that he made.

Ran into Giant Eagle just now, randomly to get nasal spray for my dry achy nasal membranes, and Janet Jackson’s “Again” came on the sound system…

David is all around me and I can feel him now.


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