ON CIRCULAR MOTION — Around & Around & Around We Go..

Reflection from August 16th, 2015 @ Age 34


It’s interesting—I just remembered that I totally forgot that I can write journals on my computer if I want ;0)

I don’t have to handwrite all the time ;0P

Seems so silly; I don’t rightly know how I even forgot!

Ahh well, in any case, it’s nice to be back.  I can feel now how much I’ve missed my ol’ computer self ;0)

So, I don’t know.  No, correction—I do know.

I am going to call tomorrow to see if Senator Coley will meet with me.  I don’t know if he will and it’s causing me some emotional turbulence if you know what I mean; but, I will be okay.  Either way, I will be okay—and that’s what matters.

I’m also gonna call good ol’ Keith Faber, President of the Ohio Senate or whatever and see if I can schedule a meeting with him as well.  I’d like to talk with him about why they keep blocking me on their stupid Twitter account—really get to the bottom of the issue you know, so that we can fix it for God’s sake.  And then Senator Coley…

Sigh, Senator Coley.  It’s interesting how these thoughts flow into my head—like, will he even remember me?  Of course he will!  How could he forget you, really ;0)

And what else—I wonder if he hates me; of course he doesn’t hate you.  He doesn’t hate you Maris, any more than Rachel hates Bryce for God’s sake!  Yes, I am a challenge; but I also, am worth it.  And that’s what matters.  So see, it’s all straight in a very twisty-turn-y kind of way ;0P

In my head, that is.  I’m just afraid.  And I know it.  I’m afraid to call Dr. S’s office to figure out how to get this U.S. Department of Education paperwork completed—and the funny thing is, it’s so not a big deal!  Not at all!  So why does it seem like such a big deal in my mind then?  Lol, it’s my ol’ imagination again—gettin’ all worked UP!

So there you have it; I am fine.  Better than fine.  I just feel slow because my body is conserving energy for the upcoming hoopla that’s about to begin on the federal level with the mental-health legislation; and potentially, due to some new software installations ;0)

I still find it challenging to be patient.  I know the time has not yet come, though it is close.  And I know that the time now is to rest—because once the craziness begins—there is, no stopping it.  I suppose then, the phrase is…umm…stir crazy?  Hah, no…

What’s it called?

It’s like anxiety kind of, but different in a sense…

What’s that word?


I feel restless.  But at the same time—never been better ;0)


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