ON THE LEADING LADY — And Her Heart ;0)

Reflection from November 5th, 2012 @ Age 31

RE:  Suicide… **be** GONE ;oD

Well I just wanted to sit down here with my second bowl of tomato soup at Panera (the first of which had a hair in it…yum), and record my thoughts before election day slaps us in the face (solely with its arrival, as with the campaigns…obviously we’re going to win).

I am attending (or hope to, anyways) my first political rally this evening at Nationwide Arena, of course, to see Mr. President Barack Obama!!!  I don’t know that I’ve ever been so excited for anything before in my life!

I’ve told people that before and said on Facebook even (yes) that he’s my hero, but I really mean it you know—I mean, more than most things and for surely, it’s true.

I just feel that any person that can build an entire presidential campaign out of hope (and win! To boot!) has a golden star in my book.  That book, of course, being my heart.

I was just thinking this morning as I was driving into work, how this campaign of hope came at such a critical time in my personal life—struggling with so many different issues at the time, on my own struggling to keep the faith, and here too comes this crazy man from Hawaii and tells me not only is there hope, but also that he wants to be the president of my nation?!!  I mean, who the hell else would have the audacity to do that?!  But who cares, really—it was him.

I was struggling with massive school debt, a mental illness, the bar exam, etc. (i.e. that’s just to name a few!), suicide even, and here comes this man—and he tells me there is hope.  I cannot think of a more simple, more extraordinarily phenomenal gift someone could have given me.  My world was falling apart—so was ours at the time.  And there he came, our white knight in shining armor.  Four more years!


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