ON PLAYING — The Merry-Go-Round ;0)

Reflection from April 18th, 2016 @ Age 34



Sigh.  I’m just about to call Senator Coley’s office regarding this stupid Ohio Senate GOP Twitter block issue and the moment I finished writing out my notes for the phone call, I felt like I could cry.  It’s so silly!  That they’d just let it go on and on like this and just never feel like they need or even should tell me why they are blocking me!  EXCLUDING me, notably.

So, Keith Faber Ohio Senate President was entirely unhelpful last fall in terms of resolving the issue—so we’ll try Senator Coley next.  Honestly, I feel like I can be not mad because I feel like it’s a blessing in disguise.

So we’ll find out.  Drew hasn’t texted me the last couple times I texted him, which could mean something (good and/or bad!) and/or nothing at all!  Also, the last two times I called Senator Coley’s office, no one picked up the phone.  But I did call both times, at 4:30pm.  So that could very well be why.  And also a million other reasons and really, I just hope he doesn’t break my heart.  But he’s worth at least, finding out.

So here we go…



God I really don’t want to do this and I’d feel so much better if I were showered and could video tape this conversation but I am not, and I cannot, and I feel like the time to call is now and that in this particular case, I don’t need the video recorder.

Ohh my god…

Ohh my good Lord help me please..


Alright I called and no answer again—just the voicemail and I did not leave a message this time around.

So, we’ll see…

I’ll try again in like an hour and then go from there.

Right now though, I think I’ma go running.


Well, I just got back from a run and tried calling again to no avail.  Honestly, no big deal.  I mean, I think they’re back from legislative spring break now, and prolly preparing for committee hearings tomorrow or something.

I mean who cares.  Maybe Drew and Rachel are both on vaca today.  It could be a million reasons!

So, we’ll just try, try and try again—and if nothing else, it will be INTERESTING ;0)

All my love…

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