ON THE MOTHER — Who Is There No Matter WHAT.

Reflection from April 23rd, 2014 @ Age 32


You know…I’m sitting here writing back to the first-ever letter I’ve received in my life from one of my constituents ;0)  And it’s really, really bothering me that I’m discriminating against this person who is my constituent—as in, by choice—i.e., by my choice and own doing and own actions.  He is in prison and he looks a little frightening in his jail photograph online—but you know, who the hell is going to give my constituents the benefit of the doubt if even I, do not?  And you know how the hell these goddamn photographs go—I mean my god, the one they published of me in The Dispatch in January 2014 was frightening (but also, incidentally, would have been the one this particular constituent must have seen—as per the reference in his letter I think—don’t quote me, I’d have to go read it again, but I’m pretty sure that’s where he found my name as an attorney who does work to help mentally ill people ;0)—but see…

My god, how can I not give this human being a chance?  You should see this letter that he wrote to me—it is heartbreaking…spells out the whole goddamned letter I submitted to Burke and Tavares and the Ohio Senate back on April 1st, 2014.  The whole issue with conflicting-interests as to family members, the whole gambit about mentally-ill people having hearts of gold because of the responsibilities they hold to their conscience as it relates to humanity, etc.  The whole goddamned thing—just in slightly different words is all ;0)  But you know what I mean, fucking heartbreaking…

So maybe I will wind up the foolish one who is murdered by this man who is in for multiple “petty” crimes (or something like that), but mainly one count of aggravated assault to a cop (or something like that)…

Maybe I will end up the foolish one, who took the chance and got killed or raped or what-the-fuck-ever a little human brain could conjure up in its discriminatory mainframe.  But I’ll take the risk.  I’d rather take the risk and end up the fool, than not take the risk and just end up having to kill myself.  I just can’t not stand up for my people—and standing up for them means treating them with the respect that they deserve as human beings.  I’ll take that risk.  I am consciously aware of the risk I am taking—and I choose to take it; thereby eliminating by my own consciousness, the consequence of being the “fool” in the first place.

I choose to support, and so my actions now follow in accord.

Ohh god and David above, and Grandpa Sabik and all that ;0)

But even then so, I will take it—so I no longer have to hate myself.

2 thoughts on “ON THE MOTHER — Who Is There No Matter WHAT.

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