ON FLYING — Above The Storm.

Reflection from June 18th, 2014 @ Age 32


Well, I guess I am the seriously mentally ill girl…seriously deluded that these government leaders would actually care.  I don’t really feel heartbroken, actually—not even disappointed.  I just found out S.B. 43 has in fact been signed by Governor Kasich from Lindsay at Senator Burke’s office via email, and so I suppose that’s the end of it.  Of my mental health advocacy.  I guess they really didn’t care, and obviously forgot they’d invited me to the S.B. 43 bill signing or whatever.  I just feel kind of numb to be entirely honest…

Thinking practically about the logistics of my current, dismal financial/employment situation…relief that S.B. 43 is now in fact, done.  I don’t feel like crying—I do feel like I kind of hate all politicians with the sole exception of potentially Sherrod Brown.  And that’s about it…otherwise, I just feel numb.  So I guess that’s maybe a good thing for now…it’ll keep me from killing myself for now…and maybe allow me to make some of these goddamned phone calls I’ve been needing to make anyways.  So off I go…


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