Reflection from December 9th, 2013 @ Age 32


I much prefer handwriting as of late, although—it makes me anxious as hell, having all these ideas not typed and backed up on hard-drive external hard-drive in safe and on me at all times and in the iCloud.  But, ohhh well.  I want my real writing for the future—and, such then is the risk that I assume.  My arm’s tired now too though…sigh.


Just organizing now.  Books, paperwork, ideas for this mental-health conference I’m speaking at on December 17th…eight days to go.  First time—my story, to tell…

What to say, what to say?!

Emily Pierce from Greentown Elementary emailed me the other day—to invite me to be with her on LinkedIn or, how the fuck ever all that shiooot…works…

And, I just keep thinking about the difference between.  I think of her, with her high-class education and high-powered job in Washington D.C., and—I’m sure her pockets just loaded; err, more than mine in any case!  And then, I think of me…

I think of the two of us and, I remember in grade school—the day they made the picks for G.I.S.P., some such something for “gifted” children.  Emily, was a chosen one—I, was not.  Not for G.I.S.P. anyways…

I was chosen for something else.  A program for certain select “special” children, called “remedial reading” group or some shit like that.  Makes me so angry…

It’s so hard to control it ;0(

But, like Elsa’s ice castles—my powers can be beautiful, too.  And they are special…off the G.I.S.P. charts, don’t you know?  Well, let me be the one to tell you…

Emily Pierce may have been chosen by the people of this Earth to be special—but, I was chosen by the Universe.  So, fuck you American society…I’ll show you something worth talking about.  I’m done with this bullshit.  Time to take the matters and put them into Mother Nature’s hands…


Please take me now, all of me—and lead me into the burning of the dark fiery abyss so I can save my people.  I feel I am ready now.  I will continue to prepare and work on taking care of myself, ever-building in the meantime; but my spirit is ready from this end.  When you are ready, I will be here waiting.  Please return me to my God-given humane sense of sanity despite my surroundings.  Help me to focus my energies and efforts, find the rye where I can be at one with my David and I, and for goodness sake…

Grant me the serenity:  [1] to accept the things I cannot change; [2] to change the things I can with courage; and [3] to develop the ever-evolving wisdom needed to know the difference.

Here we go!!!


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