Reflection from January 28th, 2015 @ Age 33


Hi.  Just listening to Katy Perry’s *This is How We Do* and noting how interesting it is—that no one does Mariah Carey well, hah ;0)  Not even Mariah Carey!

I’m so glad the t.r.u.t.h. has come out, as to the differences between real’s and plastics.  It does make me feel—so, much BETTER xO!


Hi.  I’m super tired ;0/

It’s true.  And I recognize these toxic psycho-sociological feelings of guilt for feeling as such—and I fully acknowledge and hereby, reject them.  So, that’s nice.

But, yep.  It’s true.  I am feeling very exhausted as of late—almost exactly like something is prepping to move through me.  My best guess would be the solution to the abortion equation.

So that’s exciting.  And I’m just working on bein’ patient and kind and loving in the meantime—it’s all good time now though, make no mistake ;0)


What else?  There is more but, I lost it at present moment—so I’ll be back shortly (or longly, whenever) the thought returns ;0)

All my lovin’!


It feels like I am a dam—and the floodgates are just about to open, but not a moment too soon.  Just, exactly when the moment is right…


So there’s that.  Ohh and I also, quit smoking this week!!!  Yeah!  I did!  And so it’s been very exhausting—as you can imagine.


Holding all this water back for just the right moment, whilst simultaneously setting my nervous system on fire.  Hmm…

Well, look at that!

My what great BALANCE—I do, display ;oD

2 thoughts on “ON MAN-MADE “REALITY” — In *God*, We TRUST!

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