ON SAVING — And **Being** Saved ;0)

Reflection from March 4th, 2016 @ Age 34


Hi!  It’s me ;0)


Well, I started compiling Becoming Mary Jane—Book Take I!  I’ve printed out all of my Jane Says and The Cultivation of Beauty posts between February 28th, 2014 and June 11th, 2014 and now, next I mean—I’ma move on to the email section.  Oh!  And I went through and got all the times for each blog post and put them all in chronological order in binders—there’s just two fat ones right now.

Sigh.  The interesting stuff, you say?  Lol…

Well, it’s snowy out today which is a lit-tle depressing but I know know KNOW, spring is on the way.  So that’s exciting…

And I’ve not smoked a ciggy in a week and a half—so, that’s cool.  I think though, mostly—it’s been the cold, gray days combined with the lack of physical human contact that’s been so challenging of late.  Combined with the medication adjustments of course—learning all the difference between analytical and abstract thinking as it relates to the thoughts wafting about in my —OWN— brain.  My own brain ;0)

I love the sound of that.



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