ON ELEPHANTS — ALL, Across The **Spectrum** ;oD

Reflection from July 19th, 2016 @ Age 35



My father (i.e. my biological one, I mean) is so fucking annoying.  He gets home, I tell him not to bother me cause I’m gonna call the attorney who represents Bank of America in this lawsuit they filed against me to see what’s up—and he’s like, “Don’t you think you should get an attorney?”  He drives me crazy.  He sees me as a child and nothing more, because the only worth he recognizes is financial.  I literally do not understand, after having graduated from law school and passed the Ohio Bar Exam—I don’t get why he doesn’t understand that I’m an attorney.  It’s maddening.  I guess he just’s gonna have to go mad, then.  Ohh well.  What a disappointment.


He’s never had faith in me—that’s what’s disappointing I think, as his child.  And via that method, that’s how he took his fear of the world—and infected my heart, with it.


Well, I called and they just want documentation to confirm my disability—easy peasy ;oD

And otherwise, I’m just gettin’ the letters to go for all my other creditors that are left—based on the Bank of America template I created.  And for some reason ;0)

I can just hear my Grandpa Sabik in my mind, on repeat—“Education is the only thing they cannot take from you.”  I mean, he never said it to me—but he sure as hell made my mom promise on his death bed to get us all educated with college degrees (including menotably).

So anyways…

So true, so true ;oD

Lol, that—and the time he called me over to climb up into his lap, then sent Andy and John ‘round back of his lounging chair in search of an elephant ;oD

I mean, I was only like 5 or 6, but I’d swear to you in innocence—the lesson he was teaching me was that —BOYS— are idiots ;oD

16 thoughts on “ON ELEPHANTS — ALL, Across The **Spectrum** ;oD

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